The Flock - 3, Black Knights - 3

01/26/2014 - 3:00

Scoring Summary
PeriodTimeTeamShooter (Asst. 1/Asst. 2)/ Vs. Goalie
18:03blackVs. Brent Osland
113:45blackVs. Brent Osland
31:55FlockMike Wenz
32:50FlockMatt Levi
34:40blackVs. Brent Osland
36:31FlockNoah Frank (Dan Ziolkowski)
Penalty Summary
PeriodTimeTeamPlayer (Penalty)
No Penalties Called
Goaltending Summary
Brent Osland(3 GA)TIE
Scoring By Period
The Flock0033
Black Knights2013
Power Play Opportunities
The Flock0000
Black Knights0000
Power Play Goals
The Flock0000
Black Knights0000
Mike Wenz, Matt Levi, Noah Frank, Dan Ziolkowski, Joel Weinberg, Brent Osland, Jason Smith
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