The Flock - Vs. Looney Tunes

Mar 9, 19987:00@Looney TunesLose 0-5
Apr 20, 19988:00@Looney TunesLose 0-2
Oct 12, 19988:00@Looney TunesLose 0-4
Oct 26, 19989:00@Looney TunesLose 0-8
Nov 9, 19988:00@Looney TunesLose 5-6
Record: 0-5-0      GF-GA 5-25
Player Stats
Stefan Kretschmann531402000
Jon Passman510121000
Joel Weinberg501100000
Jonathan Carroll410101000
Mike Wenz501100000
Glen Weinberg500020000
Brent Osland200000000
Peter Woelflein200040000
Allan Spear500000000
Erich Hirsch200000000
Dan Ziolkowski400020000
Goalie Stats
Joel Weinberg303000.000186.00
Brent Osland202000.00073.50
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