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Welcome to the home page of the Evanston Broomball League. The Spring 2020 Season is underway at the NEW Robert Crown Ice Complex thru Evanston's Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department. Teams & players can find schedule, standings and team information, and the league bylaws, rules and broomball board members can be found on the League page. Click Here for a map of the rink location.

The league fee is $980, half due the first week and half due by week 4. If you have questions, contact James Faedtke in the office. When you pay, please pay James directly. Not everyone in the office has been trained on the correct way to enter the fees.

Current Season

Spring 2020 is underway.

Broomball Bargains

Midwest Broomball is offering everyone in our league a discount on their broomball supplies. The Flock and Tongue Punch have used them multiple times and they have all of the gear you need at good prices and it arrives quickly. Enter the coupon code ILLINOIS at checkout and receive an additional 10% off your purchase (in addition to any volume discounts).

Past Champions

Season'A' Champ'A' Runner Up'B' Champ'B' Runner Up
Fall 2019Tang MeltersDragons  
Spring 2019Tang MeltersDragons  
Fall 2018DragonsTang Melters  
Spring 2018DragonsTang Melters  
Fall 2017DragonsThe Flock  
Spring 2017The FlockGrinders  
Fall 2016DragonsThe Flock  
Spring 2016Tongue PunchThe Flock  
Fall 2015Tongue PunchDragons  
Spring 2015DragonsCoup  
Fall 2014CoupDragons  
Spring 2014CoupThe FlockFBsFace Melters
Fall 2013CoupThe FlockFace MeltersTongue Punch
Spring 2013CoupGrindersTangSplinter Cell
Fall 2012CoupState FarmvilleTongue PunchCTC
Spring 2012Roman Numeral 12CoupGrindersState Farmville
Fall 2011The FlockRoman Numeral 12TangFace Melters
Spring 2011CoupDragonsCTCLivers on Ice
Fall 2010CoupRoman Numeral 12DragonsFace Melters
Spring 2010CoupBlitzBig MACCsCTC
Fall 2009CoupRoman Numeral 12The FBsScranton Schruters
Spring 2009CoupFace MeltersRich in the BoxRoman Numeral 12
Fall 2008DragonsGrindersThe FlockScranton Schruters
Spring 2008CoupGrinders  
Fall 2007CoupGrinders  
Spring 2007CoupGrinders  
Spring 2006CoupBlitz  
Spring 2005CoupBlitz  
Spring 2004CoupBlitz  
Spring 2003PokemonCoup  
Fall 2002CoupLampost  
Spring 2002AlohaCoup  

Flock Broomball
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