The Flock - 1, Tang Melters - 2 (Playoffs)

12/8/2019 - 6:00

Scoring Summary
PeriodTimeTeamShooter (Asst. 1/Asst. 2)/ Vs. Goalie
112:50FlockMike Wenz (Noah Frank)
21:19TangVs. Brent Osland
28:30TangVs. Brent Osland
Penalty Summary
PeriodTimeTeamPlayer (Penalty)
213:55FlockDave McKenzie (Holding)
Goaltending Summary
Brent Osland(2 GA)LOSS
Scoring By Period
Tang Melters0202
The Flock1001
Power Play Opportunities
Tang Melters0112
The Flock0000
Power Play Goals
Tang Melters0000
The Flock0000
Mike Wenz, Noah Frank, Alan Gregor, Alex Lewandowski, Dave McKenzie, Dan Ziolkowski, Brent Osland
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